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A broad range of activities

logo woodstock bois crepito

Euro Energies, market leader in renewable energies

Euro Energies is a subsidiary that specialises in marketing highly efficient wood fuel, including firewood, wood pellets and compressed logs. Designed to be used in wood-fuelled equipment (boilers, stoves, enclosed and inset fireplaces), Euro Energies fuels are distributed under the Woodstock wood fuel and Crépito brands. The company has three main objectives: to be the leader in all sectors of the wood fuel market, to drive forward the development of biomass energy in France, and last but not least, to be the point of reference in terms of innovation and quality.

Find out more: www.woodstock-bois.fr and www.crepito.fr

logo beirens

Beirens, creating industrial chimneys

With over 250 employees and a turnover of 35 million Euros, Beirens, VL Staal and MCC2I are now the European market leader for mechanically welded industrial chimneys designed for collective and urban heating, industrial processes and electricity production.

For over 30 years, Beirens has boasted unique expertise, combining design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for industrial chimneys, flues for all kinds of generators, standard and made-to-measure silencers for acoustic treatment, dynamic shock absorbers to reduce vibration, standardised or customised equipment for new or existing applications and tailor-made installations for heating systems and the production of biomass energy.

A member of the Poujoulat Group since 2001, Beirens has several thousand products all around the world and in all areas of business. The company works closely with the market’s main contractors.

At the end of 2011, Beirens took over MCC2I, experts in maintaining, dismantling and constructing industrial chimneys.

Early 2013 VL STAAL joined the Poujoulat Group to increase its capacity to big and large industrial stacks.

Find out more : www.beirens.com - www.vlstaal.com - www.mcc2i.com

logo westafrance

Westaflex, metal flues and ventilation

A member of the Cheminées Poujoulat Group since 1996, Westaflex designs, produces and markets ranges of flexible flues designed for heating, ventilation, noise-reduction and protecting medical fluid tubing.

With a total surface area of over 12,500m2, Westaflex’s logistical capabilities include 7 loading bays. Westaflex boasts a reactive, efficient network that guarantees clients permanent availability for all its products.

Day in, day out, 65 people are working hard to make sure clients get the best solution to their problem in help and advice, a design office and technical support.

Find out more : www.westafrance.fr

logo Tôlerie Forezienne

Tôlerie Forezienne, a partner to suit you

A member of the Poujoulat Group since 1994, TF takes a unique approach. Alongside its main activity as a production unit for the Poujoulat Group, Tôlerie Forezienne also works in 3 other areas:
- subcontracting: specialising in cutting, folding and assembling sheet metal products, TF works closely with a broad range of different business sectors, including the food industry, the paramedical sector and construction.
- signage and displays: TF designs, produces and markets a range of sturdy display panels and signs.
- urban furniture: TF takes an innovative approach to designing and producing a range of unusual, fun, engaging and exciting urban and outdoor furniture, making the most of its expertise combined with the talent of international designers.

With over 90 employees, offices covering more than 13,000m2 and 3 loading bays, Tôlerie Forezienne can provide an effective technical solution for any kind of project: punching or laser cutting, folding, rolling, assembly and finishes.

Find out more : www.tolerie-forezienne.com

logo voltaya

Solaires Energies, integrated photovoltaic systems;

Solaires Energies provides photovoltaic systems that are integrated into the building process for individual homes, distributed under the Voltaya® brand.

This innovative integrated photovoltaic system helps to guarantee a completely waterproof, durable finish. It can be adapted to any type of surface and frame, and has been CEIAB certified (established as integrated and so eligible for the better electricity feed-in tariff).

The Voltaya® system is especially well suited to individual homes, whether they are brand new or undergoing renovation work. It is delivered ready to fit, and can quickly be installed without any joins or other parts.

The Voltaya® system guarantees a high yield and great durability.

Find out more : www.voltaya.fr

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