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A committed team

  • Board of Directors

    Fréderic Coirier
    Chairman of the BoardFrederic-Coirier

    Jean-François Bénot
    Financial DirectorJean-François Bénot Directeur administratif et financier

    Michel Van Pruyssen
    Operations DirectorMichel Van Pruyssen Directeur d’exploitation


    André Prunier
    Sales DirectorAndre-Prunier

    Stéphane Thomas
    Marketing & developpement DirectorStéphane Thomas

  • Supervisory board

    Yves Coirier
    ChairmanYves Coirier Chairman

    Jean MenutJean Menu Vice-Chairman

    Hedwige De Penfentenyo
    Hedwige De Penfentenyo


    Louis Deparis Louis Deparis

    Michel Camp Michel Camp

  • Management team

    Jean-Jacques Adam
    Export ManagerJean-Jacques Adam

    Benoît Bodineau
    Communication and Promotion ManagerBenoît Bodineau

    Lionel Druette
    CERIC Laboratory ManagerLionel Druette



    Mélanie Georget-Truchi
    Human resources ManagerMélanie Georget-Truchi

    Laurent Grolier
    IT ManagerLaurent Grolier

    Jean-Christophe Lapègue
    Financial Control ManagerJean-Christophe Lapègue


  • Management team

    Joël Lemoine
    Production ManagerJoël Lemoine

    Marlène Gault
    Accountacy ManagerMarlène Gault




    Yann Gouel
    Logistics ManagerYann Gouel

    Jean-Luc Pierre
    Technical ManagerJean-Luc Pierre

    Jean-Louis Prost
    Heating Sales ManagerJean-Louis Prost


The Poujoulat Group is managed by a Board of Directors and a Management Committee. It is supervised by its Supervisory Board.

The Board of Directors manages and runs the different companies within the Group. It has 5 members appointed by the Supervisory Board.

The Board of Directors defines the Group’s objectives and determines the best strategy to ensure they are fulfilled. It runs the Management Committee, which is made up of employees who enjoy a great deal of autonomy when it comes to the choices they make, the actions they take and the resources they use.

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