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Lucie Auffret

Lucie Auffret

Cheminées Poujoulat also supports outstanding sportsmen and women like Lucie Auffret

Lucie Auffret

Lucie Auffret


Athlete : Lucie Auffret
Born : 06/07/1988
Discipline : Racewalking


2010 Indoor “Espoir” French Championships, 3,000m walk: 1st
Indoor “Elite” French Championships, 3,000m walk: 6th
“Espoir” French Championships, 20km walk (outdoor): 1st
“Elite” French Championships, 20km walk (outdoor): 4th

3 questions for Lucie Auffret

What does your sport involve?
Racewalking is an athletics discipline that involves walking as fast as possible in accordance with the rules, which stipulate that you have to be in contact with the ground at all times and your leg has to be outstretched (up to the pelvis, at an angle of 90°).

What are your main character traits?
In all sports, you have to be motivated, really determined, you have to have an iron will, faith in yourself, and you have to give yourself the means you need to succeed.

What’s your best sporting memory? And what was the most unexpected?
The best: wearing the shirt for the French team.

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