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Yoann Fleury

Yoann Fleury

Cheminées Poujoulat also supports outstanding sportsmen and women like Yoann Fleury.

Yoann Fleury

Yoann Fleury


Athlete: Yoann Fleury
Born: 01/12/1982
Discipline : Windsurfing


2012  3rd in the FW EUROPEAN CUP

2010 19th/1000 in the Défi Wind (long distance)
21st/62 in the Senior World Championships (Formula Windsurfing)

2009 7th in the French long distance Championships (590 participants)
4th in the Senior French Championships (Formula Windsurfing)

3 questions for Yoann Fleury

What does your sport involve?

To sum it up, it’s a windsurfing race (windsurf/funboard). There are different disciplines, and the ones in which I compete are Formula Windsurfing, slalom and long distance..

“Formula Windsurfing” is the funboard discipline that is most similar to other sailing disciplines. It’s about completing a course faster than the other competitors, in accordance with the rules. The types of courses are the same as for other sailing races, “banana”, “rectangle” routes etc.

The slalom is the oldest funboard discipline. It’s about completing a course faster than your competitors, with jibing. You start off in the open water or in a line along the beach, and then you have to “jibe” the buoys along the route in a set order.

Long distance windsurfing is really popular in France. There are lots of races to do, crossing bays, going from island to island etc., and they attract a lot of participants.
There is no specific equipment, competitors can use any type of windsurf. The goal is to finish the course faster than the other competitors. The best ones use Formula Windsurfing or slalom boards, depending on the conditions, and propel themselves using racing sails.

What are your main character traits?
Smiley, active, enthusiastic.

What’s your best sporting memory? And what was the most unexpected?
When I went up on to the podium for the World Youth Formula Windsurfing Championships in 2002. The most unexpected was when “Planchemag” magazine asked me to take part in the special edition during a trip to Egypt last year.

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