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Véronique Mang

Véronique Mang

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Véronique Mang


Athlète : Véronique Mang
Born: 15/12/1984 
Discipline : Athletics


2012 Preselected for the Olympic Games in London

2011 semi-finalist at the World Championships (Daegu) and 5th in the relay
100m France Elite champion
France Interclubs champion with the Entente Franconville Césame Val d’Oise

2010 Runner up in the European Championships 100m and 4 x 100m (Barcelona)
100m France Elite champion (Valencia)

3 questions for Véronique Mang

What does your sport involve ?
I’m an athlete, specifically I run the 100m, I’m a sprinter. But that doesn’t stop me thinking about doing the 200m in the future, and I’m part of the relay team for London. My training involves sprint sessions (start, short distance, long distance too etc.), recovery (aerobics and pool) and weights sessions (muscle strength and endurance etc.).

What are your main character traits ?
My main character traits are: determination, endurance, perseverance, motivation, courage, positivity, confidence (without going too far…) and I hate not winning a race!

What’s your best sporting memory ? And what was the most unexpected ?
My best memory is when I was runner up in the European championships in 2010 in Barcelona. The most unexpected was my bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, I was only 19! That is a moment I won’t forget…

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