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Expansion changes and improvements to Poujouat UK Guildford

There have been many changes in recent weeks at Poujoulat UK’s Guildford base.

The purchase of Unit 1B has been completed and the work to upgrade the facility to suit the needs of the UK operation are well underway. Practical completion of the mechanical hoist has been achieved and this now allows us to fully use the new storage space that Unit 1B provides. 

With Unit 1B, PUK now have effectively increased their potential stock holding by some 40%.  This increase will be used to provide 70 ‘locations’ for full pallets on the top floor and 10 sets of ‘picking’ shelves on the first floor as wel as much needed space on the ground floor for the packing of outgoing orders.  The move also frees up around 36 pallet spaces in Unit 1A for the ‘reception’ of goods in. 

The benefit of this new unit is not just about stock space, it has allowed PUK to re-organise the way it operates on a daily basis and will allow for a much improved turn-a-round of product, a much easier flow for both good In and goods Out as well as a 40% picking efficiency improvement as we enter the heating season.

Phase two of the work in Guildford is now in progress and when complete this will see a move for the very busy Customer Services department into the newly re-furbished offices and the opening of the trade counter sales area.  Poujoulat UK will remain open for business during this work period and all areas are scheduled to be complete and fully operational by the end of October.

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