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Poujoulat in Verona for the Progetto Fuoco exhibition

Poujoulat at the Progetto Fuoco exhibition.


From 19 to 23 February, Poujoulat Will be at the Progetto Fuoco exhibition in Verona (Italy)to presents its range of chimney solutions for Houses and Apartments for the renovation and new build markets, the presentation is made with 4 Topic areas:

Progetto Fuoco

Wood energy in individual dwelling with EFFICIENCE, concentric chimney - designed for the new generation of high efficiency wood appliances - allowing the connection of combustion air and smoke exhaust with one and the same chimney, PGI concentric stainless steel chimney for pellet stoves and the COQISOL system for air tight dwellings securing the continuity of the insulation in the loft space and the distance to combustible materials.

Innovations with TOP CLEAN, the electrostatic filtration solution both for renovation and new installations, ZERO CO the catalytic convector for wood burning appliances which are not complying with current standards anymore.

Design and personalisation with the Luminance and Optimale chimney stacks and the whole range of finish for the Inox chimney stack.

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Cheminées Poujoulat hones its skills and its understanding of metal chimney flues and stacks by always listening to its markets and to the rest of the industry. Committed to long-term relationships with manufacturers of heating equipment, energy suppliers, distributors and craftsmen, Cheminées Poujoulat anticipates trends and develops effective solutions for individual homes and flats, industry and the service sector.