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Laura Phily

Laura Phily

Cheminées Poujoulat also supports outstanding sportsmen and women like Laura Phily.

Laura Phily

Laura Phily


Athlète : Laura Phily
Born : 16/04/1994
Discipline :Waterskiing


2010French Junior champion for tricks, bronze medal for jumps and combination.
Team bronze medal in the Junior World Championships
Runner up team in the European Junior Championships

2009Bronze medal for tricks and combination for the French Junior Championships
Runner up in the European Junior Championships for tricks
European Team Winner

3 questions for Laura Phily

What does your sport involve?

I take part in 3 waterskiing disciplines: tricks, slalom and jumps.

Tricks involve getting as many points as possible during two 20 second passes, where points are awarded according to how difficult the trick is.

For slalom, you ski on a single ski, called a “monoski”, or “mono-slalom”, and you have to go around 6 buoys (3 on either side of the boat) while the boat goes in a straight line in the middle of a lane.

Jumps involve jumping as far as possible using a ramp. You do this with two long skis and are pulled behind a boat.

What are your main character traits?
Perseverance, aggressive, generous but…I complain a lot!

What’s your best sporting memory? And what was the most unexpected?
The best memories: seeing my friend Delphine Le Sausse break the world disabled tricks record (she asked me to be in the boat as the observer), and beating my coach Raoul, in tricks…
The most unexpected: last year at the end of the tricks final at the European Championship, I was 4th when it came to the podiums, and I was called up as the European runner up: the judges had calculated my points wrong…


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