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Professional training

Poujoulat trains and educates professionals

Improvements to the energy performance of buildings, the use of renewable energy (Law on air and alternative energy, Section V etc.) and the conversion of individual homes and flats have already been or will soon be compulsory. These developments have a considerable impact on the building and heating sectors.

Poujoulat is currently incorporating these elements in its training programmes.

Each year, several thousand consultants, distributors and businesses are received, educated and trained about Poujoulat’s products and the installation of its chimney flues as well as about the latest developments in technology and standards.

Better trained and better educated, clients, prospects, partners and consultants will be able to choose the right technical solutions, in accordance with regulations in force and best professional practices.

AGECIC, the Poujoulat Group’s training partner

The AGECIC is an association in accordance with the french Law 1901. It provides training specialising in combustion, smoke removal and fuel-powered installations aimed at industry professionals including design offices, inspection bodies, insurance experts, chimney and fireplace installation companies, chimneysweeps and heating engineers.

AGECIC Formation is the first centre in France to specialise in apprenticeships and top-up training for professionals on the regulations and standards in force.

AGECIC Formation is approved by Qualicert, the quality standard for wood fuel installations. Qualicert is used for manual and automatic boilers with a power level of 70kW or less, fuelled by biofuels. This standard was launched by Qualit’ENR and represents a guarantee for customers who choose a Qualicert company that they are using a competent professional.

Inter-company training

Inter-company training courses are designed to help businesses access knowledge of the regulations in force, drawing on the experience of AGECIC trainers who are involved in working groups on standards.

Intra-company training

Intra-company courses are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Learn more : http://www.agecic.asso.fr

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The privileged relationship between energy and technology

Cheminées Poujoulat hones its skills and its understanding of metal chimney flues and stacks by always listening to its markets and to the rest of the industry. Committed to long-term relationships with manufacturers of heating equipment, energy suppliers, distributors and craftsmen, Cheminées Poujoulat anticipates trends and develops effective solutions for individual homes and flats, industry and the service sector.