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Sustainable development

A responsible company

Cheminées Poujoulat is a responsible company that knows how to anticipate society’s growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions. For the last few years, the Poujoulat Group has been developing a policy designed to reduce its environmental impact. This is achieved through:

    - eco-design for products,
    - the development of systems that help to reduce the energy consumption of heating equipment and buildings,
    - the development of renewable energy, particularly wood fuel and solar power.

Internally, considerable work has been done to insulate buildings, save electricity (low-energy lighting, occupancy sensors, energy-control systems) and save heating energy.
Currently nearly 100,000m2 of our buildings are exclusively heated by products connected to wood from our log production plants. Every year, these heating systems will help to avoid over 8,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of the emissions of 5,000 cars. The Poujoulat production site is ISO 14001 certified.

Developing renewable energy

Two subsidiaries of the Poujoulat Group are committed to this goal:

Euro Energies markets wood fuel in the form of high efficiency wood, compressed logs and wood pellets. It is developing a rigid container for 500kg of pellets: the Pellets Box®, giving private individuals the chance to keep a stock of pellets, protecting the environment by eliminating plastic packaging or boxes.
Its products are available under the Woodstock® and Crépito® brands.

Solaires Energies has recently joined the Group. This subsidiary offers a photovoltaic system integrated into the build for private homes under the Voltaya® brand. This innovative, waterproof system is suitable for all types of roof and provides safety and excellent efficiency.

Other Poujoulat sites :

The privileged relationship between energy and technology

Cheminées Poujoulat hones its skills and its understanding of metal chimney flues and stacks by always listening to its markets and to the rest of the industry. Committed to long-term relationships with manufacturers of heating equipment, energy suppliers, distributors and craftsmen, Cheminées Poujoulat anticipates trends and develops effective solutions for individual homes and flats, industry and the service sector.