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Solutions for all your projects

Solutions for chimneys and stoves

Our solutions anticipate the latest building regulations and optimise the performance of heating equipment. They are easy and quick to install, guaranteeing customer satisfaction (in terms of comfort and value etc.). The new Efficience flue can be used to connect enclosed wood burning appliances in passive or low-energy consumption homes.

Chimney stacks (including the new Optimale model), finishings and flues are available in a range of designs and finishes so you can create the solution to suit you.

Solutions for individual boilers

Poujoulat boasts the broadest range of flues for high efficiency and condensation gas, oil and wood boilers.

Our systems cover all possible configurations for individual homes and flats, for new builds and renovation projects, as well as adapting to different ventilation systems.

The most efficient energy solutions such as condensation boilers can therefore be installed in all kinds of buildings, in accordance with the latest building thermal regulations.

Solutions for industrial boilers

Poujoulat and Beirens (a subsidiary) will work with you on the design for all your heating system and communal heating, industrial process and thermal electricity production projects.

We produce all kinds of flues, liners, modular or mechanically welded casing, chimney flues and industrial chimneys.

We can also share our expertise when it comes to acoustics, industrial ventilation and energy recovery.

We can offer you the most appropriate installation solution, and we'll work with you to get it working and on the maintenance work needed to guarantee performance, durability and efficiency.

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The privileged relationship between energy and technology

Cheminées Poujoulat hones its skills and its understanding of metal chimney flues and stacks by always listening to its markets and to the rest of the industry. Committed to long-term relationships with manufacturers of heating equipment, energy suppliers, distributors and craftsmen, Cheminées Poujoulat anticipates trends and develops effective solutions for individual homes and flats, industry and the service sector.